The Creation of Empowered Creations...

The Stages of Boy To Man

Teen Age Years... 

Growing up I was the 3rd of 3 boys. Or as some call me the Oops baby. By the time I came into the family my parents were done having kids let alone one that was different.

In school they couldn't do much to help me as I was always struggling. So they kept putting me into all kinds of special classes. I became reclusive with so much anger in my life, I just wanted to get away from everyone. My escape was walking or riding my bike, I would go for miles never knowing where I would end up, nor did I care.  

Summarizing of what I learned as a teen...

  • I was always angry and all I wanted was someone just to love me
  • I didn't trust anyone
  • I just wanted to escape get away from my parents
  • I wanted to hurt them as much as I felt they were hurting me

This website will go into this list and more to help understand where teen boys are struggling growing into men. 

Young Adult...

At 17 I was still so angry that I went and told my parents I was joining the Marines. I knew it would piss them off as the Vietnam War was still going on. At first they told me they wouldn't sign the papers to let me go, so I told them that I would go live on the streets until I was old enough to join myself, which changed their minds.

I thrived as a Marine as I loved the attention. They would single me out and I would smile which made them focus on me even more. Loving the attention I just couldn't get enough of it. It was like I finally found the love and support I was looking for.  

Summarizing of what I learned as a Marine...

  • Bad attention was better than no attention
  • Anger was being replaced by getting attention anyway I could
  • I learned respect, honor, and diligence to work for what you want

I also learned that "No Man Left Behind" which was the seed for helping young boys to become the great men they can be.

My First Knowing I was Known As A Man...

When I got out of boot camp I wanted to go to Disney Land one of my dream places to go. During that time we were required to wear our uniforms when we traveled. So walking around Disney Land a little boy pointed at me and said "Mommy Look At That Man!" 

I looked around wondering who he was talking about and it finally hit me... He was talking about me? 

Summarizing of what I learned about becoming a Man...

  • There is nothing that tells you that you are no longer a boy and there is confusion of what it means to be a man
  • Just because you are told you are a man doesn't mean it's true
  • I don't know of anyone that can really define when a boy becomes a man

What does it mean to be a man? So many people look at the size of a young boy and think that because he is 6 feet talk he now is a man. Also, I've seen boys at 15 that are more a man than some 40 year old